Less Stress More Rest

Students from all around the world face a harsh brick wall of stress from school that comes from homework, tests, quizzes, and projects. As students, we come face to face with high stress throughout the whole school day and even on the weekends.

As a student, I am constantly worrying about my grades because every test or quiz I take will determine the final grade. The number one problem that I have is the amount of work that I am given. Having multiple homework assignments causes me to miss out several activities on the the weekdays and even on the weekends. A second problem is the amount of sleep students get on school nights. As a student, I experience going to bed late and waking up early.

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Getting little sleep will make a student feel tired and drowsy throughout the day, and this will also lower a student’s ability to participate and be active in class. Having plenty of work to do causes me to feel unhappy sometimes, and this will also change my attitude in negative way. Another problem is the conflict with job schedules and extracurricular activities. Many students, like myself, have jobs and extra-curricular activities that they must attend after school. This is a problem because the amount of work we have effects our afternoons.

For example, I go to school throughout the day; after school, I attend my clubs at school, and when I get home, I have to get dressed to go to work. Then, I must come home after and still do a significant amount of homework. Through all of the stress that students experience due to homework, we as students must take a stand and conquer our stress for the better. Even though there are several problems addressed, we have many creative and useful ways to take down stress and to solve the many problems we face. No one said high school would be easy, but we as students should not be bombarded with excessive stress.

With this being said, one of the solutions will reduce the amount of stress students have by decreasing the amount of homework, tests, quizzes, and projects. If the administration starts reducing the amount of work we have, this will give us a chance to achieve better grades because we will have more time to study and focus. The administration will then advise the teachers of the amount of work we will be given. Each teacher will receive a calendar, and the teacher must write down any homework, test, quiz, or project the students have; then they must turn it into administration for approval. The second solution has to deal with limiting. The number of tests and quizzes students have in a week; this will help students study and focus more because they will have more time and energy to study.

The solution for this would be limiting the amount of tests and quizzes we take each day. With that being said, students who have a block schedule, four classes a day, will be limited to two quizzes in a day and/or, one test and one quiz. Students who have seven or eight classes a day will be limited to two quizzes and one test a day. If you have block schedule, students would not be allowed to have three quizzes in a day because that is too much work and stress to handle. If a student is on a seven or eight class schedule, they will not be allowed to have more than two tests because it will generate plenty of stress for the student. We would also have a limit on having one project per subject, but it would be due at different times.

All of the solutions given will help further a students education by providing them with more time to diligently work, and this will also help students to better manage their time. All of these solutions will help students to focus more on their school work and take their time studying. These reasonable solutions will help students to understand their work better and to also actually have a chance to soak in the information. This will also help students to study for their benefit instead of just studying for a good grade. All of the solutions provided will help students reduce the amount of homework due to the calendar.

The calendar mentioned above will help students to have more time to do their homework.The many solutions that are suggested will also give the chance for a student to experience more sleep and will also help a student to be well rested for the school day. This will give them the chance to get more sleep because the calendar will decrease homework and tests which is a cause of students staying up late. Students will also be given the opportunity to still do their extracurriculars and to participate in jobs. The solution will provide students to go to their job and not to come home with plenty of homework to do.With all of the solutions that are addressed, this will kelp calm the mind of a student and will improve his or her lives academically and socially.