Stress of the Hallways

I don’t understand it. I really don’t understand how teachers, administration, and sometimes even our own parents expect us high school and college students to do so extremely well when it comes to our studies given the amount of work we get. In reality, my parents don’t put that pressure on me unless they see I haven’t tried to at least pass but the teachers and administration in my school? Forget about it.

They load on piles and piles of work and expect it all to be done in a “cookie cutter” kind of fashion where it’s A+ material in the exact format that they wanted it in. Now, this isn’t to say that this is ALL teachers but wow, lots of them are just being unreasonable. Don’t they understand that piling this much stress on students that are between the ages of 12-21 is EXTREMELY bad for not only our mental health, but our physical health as well? I have friends who stay up until three o’clock in THE MORNING doing biology homework on top of doing math, history, and english. How ridiculous is that? Don’t get me started on finals. How much crap do you really think I can cram into my skull in time for your tests just so I don’t have to go to summer school? It’s unbelieveable. Not to mention the fact that us students have other obligations to attend to.

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For instance, family events, social events that were planned MONTHS in advance that we can’t get out of, (heaven forbid) a funeral?! I mean really. While my school is pretty good when it comes to not giving us overbearing assignments that drag us into the grave, it just amazes me that I have people in other school districts who are put underneath so much stress that they are literally not getting enough sleep at night, or they’re too worried that if they even stop for a snack break or to go to the bathroom that they’ll screw up their whole future. Bottom line is: HEY SCHOOLS, YOUR STUDENTS ARE STRESSED ENOUGH AS IT IS. WANNA CHILL OUT WITH THE ADDING PRESSURE ON US TO DO WELL SO WE CAN GO TO COLLEGE? THANKS! -Love, All students everywhere who are sick and tired of the same overbearing homework assignments, rude teachers, and stress that comes with being a high school student.