The Stress in Schools

Students always feels stressed about something, whether it’s about picking up younger siblings from daycare or pass each subject. A lot of people already know about teens getting depressed and all stressed up, but what some people may not know is that this may affect their education and grades. The teenage years are often the most stressful period of a lifetime.

You’re growing up to become an adult. That means you’re extra sensitive as a teen because of all the changes in your body. A lot of people also find their identities as teens, which can cause a lot of changes in their daily life. Especially schools can have a big influence on your daily life as a teen. There are some people without friends and there are others who get bullied by students or teachers during their school years.

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There’s everything between verbal bullying to physical bullying. Therefore the teachers and the welfare officers have to pay extra attention to what’s actually going on in school and give the bullied person all the support he or she deserves. If no one notices or cares about the person getting bullied that can lead to depression or even suicide by the person itself. Also, there’s this thing called “spare time”. Many teens don’t have a lot of spare time as a cause of all their homework and essays that they have to return to their teachers.

The very little spare time they’ve actually got is mostly spent on activities such as basketball or gymnastics. A conclusion to this may be to extend the weekend with another day or give the students less homework to do. The most stressful thing during this period, and the thing affecting almost every student is obviously the school in general; grades, subjects, presentations and of course the school lunches. Don’t tell me you don’t stress about these things- because you do. I mean who wants to get bad grades and eat unhealthy and disgusting food? No one. So why are these things still bugging us today? The answer is pretty simple; humans are lazy and stingy.

The school system is in need of a change. I think the thing stressing up most people in school are grades. Why do we continue giving out grades? People get judged by their grades- not by what they’re able to accomplish in real life. Why are we judging people by a piece of paper rather than in real life? Grades pretty much ruin people’s future. If you don’t get good grades in secondary school you probably won’t be accepted to the high schools and universities with good education, which means you gonna end up as a janitor or a guy taking orders at McDonald’s.

And now we’ll talk a bit about the school lunches. I mean, what’s not to like about cafeteria food? Well first of all students are never informed of what the “chefs” put in their food. We don’t know how much artificial stuff they put in there, and also we don’t know if the food contains enough nutritions and energy for a teens body. Without nutritious food the students won’t be able to concentrate in school like they would be if they ate healthy. Make the standards better for teens and kids, instead of making it worse by stressing them up and feed them with unhealthy food. Remember that teens are our future!