Students Shouldn’t Have to Stand for the Pledge

Students shouldn’t have to stand up for the Pledge of Allegiance if they don’t want to. My opinion is that some people don’t stand up for the pledge because of personal reasons like religion reasons. I think that if you don’t want to stand up for the pledge then don’t. Nobody should be forced to stand up , if this is a free country then nobody can make you stand up. Standing up for the pledge is not the only way to show patriotism.

People can have different ways to shows patriotism other than standing up,putting your hand over your heart and quoting a little speech. Some students at their schools are getting in trouble because they are not standing for the pledge, which shouldn’t be happening because the teachers can’t make you do anything that isn’t required. “A Native American high school student in California says a teacher lowered her and a friend’s participation grades after they refused to stand up for the Pledge of Allegiance.”( AVIANNE TAN)This is an example of inappropriate actions. The teacher has no right lower her grade because of her personal reasons.

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Standing up for the pledge has nothing to do with participation ,only participation in class activities is suppose to count against your grade. “You (or your child) have a constitutional right not to be forced to participate in the Pledge of Allegiance. Nor should a student be singled out, rebuked, told they must stand, or otherwise be penalized for following their freedom of conscience. Nor should students who participate in the pledge, or who volunteer to lead the class in the pledge or to recite it over the intercom, be rewarded or favored over students who don’t participate.”(Freedom of Religion foundation)This paragraph right here clearly states that you or your child does not have stand upfor the pledge.

And that whoever does should not be treated any better than those people that do. So if a teacheror anyway says that you have you stand for the pledge they are wrong. People shouldn’t be criticized because they might have a good reason not to stand up for not standing. Teachers and other people have different opinions about this topic but personally I think people shouldn’t have to stand for the pledge. I know that that people think that it is disrespectful because that’s how you honor people in the military.

But standing up for the pledge is only the first and not the only way to honor or respect the patriots.