Study Carmex

So, Carmen can collect statistical data. Disadvantages of this method Is people can just ignore the survey easily because some people don’t know what the Carmen is and they don’t want to waste of their time for surveying. Also, they can think that this survey is kind of spam.

Second, it took long time because it can be surveyed from many and unspecified people. (b) Advantages of online survey of Carmen Faceable likes are many things. First, people already knew the Carmen. So, the survey can be met the Careers object. So they can survey more products specifically.

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Second, the survey can be exposed to the consumer naturally in the Faceable news feed. It means that the probability of Ignoring the Information Is very low. Another thing Is that Faceable is social network. So, those kind of Information are trustworthy because the source of information is from the people that I know. Finally, Carmen can 1 OFF get Dock quickly responses. Dilettantes are two things.

Hrs, Carmen cannot collect the data from the people who do not use Faceable. Second, some people think that the only purpose of survey is getting a promotion. So, if they achieve their object, they are not come back to Carmen. . (a)On a Faceable brand page, what are “engagement” and “likes” really measuring? (b) For Carmen, which is more important and why? (a) “Engagement” is how active its Faceable audience is with Carmen. Any time a liker posts a comment on the Carmen Wall, likes its status, or replies to one of its posts, the engagement level increases.

“likes” measures new customer who click the likes buttons. (b) Both components are really important but the engagement is more important than likes because these are related with customer who know what the Carmen is and what they make.

So, it means that there are many loyal customers. Also, Carmen can offer promotion to the people who click the likes. So, they can surveys more efficiently.

3. (a) What evokes consumers’ “engagement” on a brand page on Faceable? (b)What attracts consumers to “like” a brand page on Faceable? (a) Carmen offer good quality of contents daily basis. Also, Carmen can communicate with consumers effectively and instantly with Faceable