Study guide Free Essay Examples

For our next class, read: Martha Stout, “When I Woke up Tuesday Morning, It Was Friday,” in The New Humanities Reader, by Richard E. Miller and Kurt Speller, 5th De.

(Stamford, CT: Coinage Learning, 2015), 420-37. Tips for Reading: understanding complicated texts requires careful, systematic reading. Spend this week talking about how you read and consider the Information below. Before you start? Get the right level of comfort: read on your bed, at a desk, on a sofa.

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Get the right level of noise: read in complete silence or with some background noise. Get enough light: read by sunlight, lounge lights, room lights.

Get the right environment: read alone, read with others. First read? underline or highlight passages you feel are important. Put question marks next to passages you don’t understand so you can find them quickly later or in class. Bracket words you don’t know and find them in a dictionary. Losing concentration? Take a short break, and then come back to the essay. Read again and again until you regain your concentration.