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Values/Benefits of doing Research Doing research enhances the researcher’s thinking and satisfies his/her curiosity. It tests his/her patience and courage while in the process of doing it because a research requires a lot of effort-making. It preserves and improves the quality of human life by making work, travel, communication and things alike faster, easier, and more comfortable. A research gives way to new technology or the development of an old technology. It leads to discovery of new or unrecognized things.

We are well aware that it is impossible for a human being to know everything. That is why while doing his/her research, the researcher acquires more knowledge and develops a deeper understanding about the problem or topic he/she is researching about. In other cases, a researcher is more focused on something else that he/she didn’t notice a new element or substance in the research which gives way for the succeeding researcher to discover it. At the end of a research, you gain solutions, if not generalizations, to the problem.

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After organizing, analyzing and interpreting the data systematically, the researcher will come up with a conclusion that will help him/her find a solution or an alternative action to the problem.

Doing research expands the study more by clarification and verification. We may believe in something for so long but the research proves that it isn’t true. Knowing all these benefits of research boosts us in doing one. It is a good stepping stone in this course because it encourages the students to be confident about their research.