Subsidize Wages

Several economists proposed a method to eliminate all the criteria after what the subsidy is decided and centralize everything into one single theory based on which they can give out a universal employment subsidy regardless the employment conditions.

This theory has its roots in continental Europe and it brings somehow a sense of equality within communities. Universal subsidy is rejected by many people due to its consequences such as talent waste, as it is against the American Liberal Republic concept. According to Rawls, this theory wouldn’t be fair because it would benefit the ones isolating themselves from the society, in the same manner as the active ones, and by this would encourage people to do not be concerned about personal or career growth. According to Van Parij, unrelated business income would be a good tool to implement in order to give employees a financial freedom, to do not be restricted to one certain job but to be able to search and sort the offers from the market, without being stressed by the lack of money and the urge to work. In his opinion, like this every job field would be filled by the appropriate person, as they would have the opportunity to choose what suits them. The fairness of this theory is questionable as the growth of wealth would come among those with little and the reduction of wealth would occur among those with much.

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Even though unrelated business income could bring a financial growth, it would also encourage marginalization and would deprive individuals from the satisfaction of “earning in my way” which would conclude in a general frustration. According to the author, the solution for this problem is to implement a low-wage employment subsidy in order to increase the salaries in a reasonable manner in accordance with the social productivity of their employment. As I believe, subsidized wages would be a blast in the youth employment. It would help the employers exterminate the fear of losses due to the inexperience of new staff. I believe we have to give youth a chance to gain this knowledge, as this would become a good start for their future career. The only issue I see in here are the expenses for the government.