Summary on Bullying

The issue of bullying in schools has been a prevalent phenomenon in many learning institutions across the globe. Research reveals that bullying in schools has been inevitable, notwithstanding the effects that the learners suffer when they get caught as victims of this vice. Bullying has been defined in many angles in different regions across the world, but the ultimate aspect reveals that it is a form of aggression where the perpetrator engages in a deliberate abuse of power, repeatedly imposing hurtful acts or words on a person who cannot readily defend him/herself. It is mainly characterized and generated by age differences and imbalance of power. Numerous surveys have suggested that bullying comprises of the perpetrators of aggression, victims, defenders of victims, supporters of bullies, and the bystanders.

This phenomenon has been proved to occur mainly among school children with a decreasing trend as they age on and move to upper educational levels. Credible findings have reflected that the impact of bullying is too severe especially on the victims, such that its effect continues to distress their lives even up to old age. Numerous research studies have identified several forms of bullying such as, physical, verbal, psychological, relational, and cyber bullying. Researchers have denoted that there is a direct correlation between bullying and students academic achievement in that it drastically deaden their academic progress. More research needs to be carried out since as the available surveys indicates, the adversity of bullying as being more severe among the middle school juniors.

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To be specific, the effects of bullying among the fifth graders are much unexhausted. The evidence from the research studies reveal that there is a dire need to embark on researching and analyzing the impacts of bullying on academic performance of fifth graders since at their stage, the aggression does complicate their overall development.