Sweetening the Deal

When a teacher gives treats does it actually motivate students to answer questions? I asked a few students if they agree with teachers giving out candy to increase the number of hands going up to participate, and a majority are positive that it is working for them. The reason I believe it works is that students don’t like their work going unrewarded. A teacher that does this is Ms. Norwood. She thinks that it will wake people up and have more fun with the activities.

Some adults that will disagree with the giving out of treats because they will bring up the fact candy rottens teeth, is bad for health, etc. But studies have shown that giving students chocolate leads to improved results for professors “fudging the numbers: distributing chocolate influences students’ evaluation of an undergraduate course,” says Benjamin Jee a postdoctoral fellow in psychology at Northwestern University. By giving out these candies, the students are motivated to work more efficiently in class. The teachers,professors,etc will do anything to make sure the kids will have a bright future and I believe that is what teachers here are trying to do. Just look down at your I.D students and you will see it says “reaching for new heights”.

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These treats are a metaphor for the paychecks we will receive in the future. We have to work hard and earn our rewards instead them being spoon-fed to us. what is you opinion on this topic are you for the candy or are you against your teacher or professor that cares if you go to college. The choice is yours.