T-Mobile 4G

Summary of the article This is an era of technological competition and the best company providing the best service, reliable, convenient, and fast at considerable price wins the biggest market share. Competition especially among the 4G wireless carriers has recently been the most conspicuous. Therefore, in this article we will look at what the T-Mobile company has done to be a good competitor of Verizon wireless company in terms of technology and market entry. This will help us to be in a position to evaluate Verizon wireless company and see how they can put themselves in a good position to fight for the market share (McHugh, 2010).

How T-Mobile is a competitor T-mobile company has been a great threat and a good competitor to Verizon wireless company being able tom enjoys a bigger market share. They have been constantly been at the forefront in giving the customers the best thus enjoying a good market share. The companyuses HSPA+ technology making their download speed to rise to 21Mbps compared to a down speed of Verizon wireless of 12Mbps who uses LTE technology. According to McHugh 2010, they have unlimited data plan for their customers and charges low for their data that exceed 5GB per month at the rate of $49.99 for new customer while for the old customer the charges are slashed by $10 to be charged at $39.99.

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Compared to the price that Verizon wireless charges that $50 flat rate per month for 5GB data, T-mobiles rate is cheap.T-mobile success The company is in a position of giving fast and reliable services to their customers at a low price. They are able to keep their customers by providing such incentives as cheap data for the existing ones. In addition, their data access is fast and very reliable compared to the Verizon wireless. According to the recent news from their company, they had projected strategy to cover 200 millions people by 2010 December..

Currently according to T-Mobile Company 2011, they are have covered 80 cities and they have posed a great threat to T-Mobile who have projected to cover 110 million people by 2010 and currently has covered only 38 metropolitan areas. What Verizon company should do for competition?The T-Mobile has greatly invested to ensure that they give their customers the best and this has seemed to be paying well. They have also ensured that they use the most recent technology s they set their goals high meaning that all the stakeholders has to work hard to attain these goals. The company is capable of offering $39.99 to their existing customers compared to $50 flat rate offered by the Verizon Company whose download is even much lower than that of the T-Mobile company (T-Mobile Company, 2011).

Verizon should start incentives to their customers to ensure that they are able to retain them as they attract others and in turn increasing their market share.