Tanglewood Case 3

Tanglewood Case 3 Case Description/Introduction I will analyzed the information from the recruiting data and will prepare a report with the best recruiting strategy to fill up a job vacancy for a store associate at Tanglewood store.

Also I will use the organizational data to determine the best methods for recruiting new staff. And finally I will develop various forms of recruitment messages to encourage individuals to apply for a new job position. “Recruitment is the process of attracting individuals on a timely basis, in sufficient numbers, and with appropriate qualifications, and encouraging them to apply for jobs with an organization. (Mondy and Noe, 2005 page 221) Development of a Recruitment Guide First, I will develop a recruitment guide to inform about the new job position. This will contain all the requirements and everything the organization is looking for in a possible candidate. I will give as much detail to attract those people who are looking for a job.

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In this case I will use the exhibit 5. 3 to create my recruitment guide and encourage those individuals. My encouragement will be enough to draw individuals to apply for a store associate at Tanglewood stores. Position: Store AssociateReports to: Shift Leaders and/ or Department Manager Qualifications: All considered Relevant labor market: Various regions of the Pacific Northwest Timeline: Week of 2/18 Conduct interviews with qualified applicants Week of 2/26 Targeted hire date Activities to undertake to source well-qualified candidates: Local and Regional newspapers advertisement Company website posting Employee referrals Job service agency Outside recruiting agency Job fairs Staff members involved: V. P.

Human Resources H. R. Recruiting Managers Assistant Store Managers Department Managers Budget: $2,500-$5,500Describe the best “targets” for their recruiting efforts by considering the job and organizational context In this part I will compare the open recruitment versus targeted recruitment. According to our staffing organization’s textbook it says that “the advantage to an open recruitment method is that applicants often see it as being “fair” in that everyone has the opportunity to apply. Open recruitment helps ensure that a diverse set of applicants including disabled minority teens, former retirees, veterans, and other overlooked employees groups are given a fair shot at being considered.

(Heneman & Timothy 2009 Page 213). In other words this method is great to implement equal employment opportunities to all potential candidates but it also has its disadvantages, which are employing the wrong candidate with the wrong qualifications to work for the organization. Open recruitment allow larger number of applicants to apply for positions which it make it more challenging to get the more qualified applicant. Meanwhile targeted recruitment allows the organization to look for more qualified or specific types of applicants in the recruiting process.This method is useful for getting applicants who has specific KSAOs or applicants with specific characteristics pertinent to person/job or person/organization match.

In this case I will say that the best target for recruitment at Tanglewood would be those applicants who has the right KSAOs or those who are interested in having rewards and bonuses. If we hire people with significant KSAOs will be more productive for the organization and if we offer some rewards and bonuses we will attract them of becoming a long-term employee working towards getting the companies goal.It does not matter what method we choose to proceed with Tanglewood recruiting process, what it does matter is to hire the right employee that will stay in the organization for a long period of time, making him or her part of the staff and potentially growing up within the organization. Estimate how each method fares in terms of yields and costs I will explain the present recruitment methods used by each region: According on what I read from the McGraw-Hill online student portal it says that: 1. Western Washington uses a variety of recruiting methods.The primary methods of recruiting are referrals from current employees.

2. The Eastern Washington uses more traditional media advertising. 3. The recruiting methods of the Northern Oregon division fall into three major categories. The main methods are media and in-store kiosks.

This division has also used staffing agencies lately. The division explicitly rejects the use of employee referrals, claiming that the use of signing bonuses leads to the hiring of unqualified individuals who are selected without sufficient qualifications due to favoritism. . The innovative character of Southern Oregon is reflected in their recruiting practices. They have relied primarily on a combination of staffing agencies, referrals, and kiosk advertising.

All three of these methods were first tried in this region. Northern Oregon’s suggestion for other divisions Northern Oregon suggestions for other divisions are to adopt a less “touchy-feely” hiring practices and suggests only using kiosk and agency provided applicants but looking at the table 2. “Estimated costs for recruiting methods” we cannot support this proposed method because is to expensive compared it to the other ones. As we know job agency practices have a big advantage on retention rates and lower costs compared to kiosk and media recruiting but in my opinion this method should be considered for the other regions that were not presently using this method. Other measures of employee performance that might be good “bottom line” metrics for the quality of a recruiting method and how the managerial focus groups’ concerns might fit with these alternative considerationsI will say that Bottom Line Customer Service is very important to Tanglewood.

We cannot simply view the lowest cost approach in hiring a new store associate. Locating qualified applicants should lower the overall training cost of each new associate. Conclusion According to my recruiting strategy, we should motivate our employees and put into practice their KSAOs for the better performance of the organization. Also it is important to attract, retain, perform and satisfy our customers.Considering a strong workforce with skills, qualifications, education and knowledge, which will surely lead Tanglewood to have the competitive advantage to stay ahead of its competitors and be a price/ product leader.

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