Tanglewood Case

Recruitment Guide Recruitment Guide for Store Associates Position: Store Associate Reports to:Shift leaders, Department Managers Qualifications:N/A Relevant Labor Market:Regional Pacific Coast, more specifically Washington and Oregon Timeline: N/A (continuous recruiting effort) Activities to undertake to source well-qualified candidates: Regional newspaper, radio, and television advertising Use of employee referrals Installations of computerized kiosks in each store

Employing state job services Employing a staffing agency (StoreStaff) Staff members involved: V. P. Human Resources Staffing Services Director HR Recruiting Manager HR Selection Manager Potential peers Budget: $2,000 – $6,000 2. Best Targets for Recruitment Tanglewood’s bested targets for recruitment are reward seekers, reluctant applicants, and “key KSAO shortages. These targets were chosen based on the job and Tanglewood’s organizational context.

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Reward seekers fit the job and organizational context because of Tanglewood’s system of rewarding employees financial bonuses for the company’s use of any of their contributed ideas for a smoother running workplace, as well as the profit-sharing available to each employee. Key KSAO shortages are also a great target for Tanglewood because although the individual may be targeted as managerial material, through their individual suggestions that prove to contribute and be productive allows any store associate to be promoted within the company, which is a way of preserving the company’s culture and values.

Reluctant applicants are another ideal target group for Tanglewood, because these applicants will be interested in fluctuating tasks, since there are no “customer contact” or “display employees”, and also because each employee is to be available to help another employee, which in turn allows the reluctant applicant to see that they also will be part of a company that emphasizes team work. The media recruiting method can be either an open or targeted recruitment depending upon whether the company decides to diversify their media outlets on a variety of application populations, or whether they decide to select a specific group to focus on.

The open recruitment strategy would consist of advertising the position to many demographics in different and multiple forms of media.

It would be a targeted form of recruitment if Tanglewood selected the target groups listed above, for example, and only advertised to their specific audience demographics. The targeted applicants could be any of the depending on which targeted audience demographic that the company chooses to appeal to since “applicants react positively to ads that reflect their demographic group” (Heneman, 2009, pg. 219). Employee referral is another method Tanglewood uses for recruitment.

Employee referral is an open source of recruitment since any peer of an employee can be referred to the company. Also, since there is a $100 bonus for employee to refer a hired employee, the employees may give referrals of a variety of peers with the incentive of receiving the money.

The use of the kiosk is also an open form of recruitment. The kiosk allows any person that comes to the Tanglewood stores become an applicant. State job service is a targeted recruitment method since the job service is provided with job qualification requirements given by the employer, so only qualified applicants are considered to begin with.