Tanglewood Casebook

Tanglewood Case BY pattYD27 Tanglewood Case 4 (Recruiting) Based on the case, Tanglewood is in need of entry level positions due to the turnover rate the company experiences.

Tanglewood utilizes various methods within different regions, but the company would like to have a more centralized system. Two types of recruitment (Open Recruiting versus Targeted Recruiting): Open recruiting allows the company to have a large selection of applicants. Using this method allows the company to offer equal opportunities for all Job applicants applying for open positions.

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The disadvantage of open recruiting is that it may not have desired results since anyone can apply for a position within the company. It also is time consuming since the company will receive a large number of applications and hiring managers/ human resource personnel will need to review all the information to find the most qualified applicants to contact for the interview process.

With the targeted recruiting, it allows the company to focus on the more qualified applicant. This type of recruiting is valuable when looking for candidates with specific KSAO¤‚¬ws.

Tangle wood should ocus on utilizing a target recruiting method when filling higher position within the company and open recruiting when filling lower level position since they can provide training for the employees to become skilled. Using the targeted recruiting method for higher level position will assist Tanglewood with developing a strong team of management. These applicants that have KSAO¤‚¬ws for their position will be more motivated, able to contribute ideas for the company due to the education and experiences, and more than likely can become long term employees. Present Recruiting Methods for Regions

In Eastern Washington the region has three methods of recruiting.

This area has higher costs associated with media and kiosk recruiting with lower overall retention in those methods. Instead of using Job services they rely heavily on more traditional media advertising to control overall costs and retention rates. The Western region (where the first store was established) of Washington is the only area presently using four methods of recruiting. The main method of use is employee referrals, but the higher costs associated with media and kiosk recruiting is not adding value to the rganization.

In fact, in this region higher retention levels and lower costs are reported for referrals and Job service recruiting. Northern Oregon is the only region not utilizing referrals for recruiting.

This region uses media and kiosk recruiting with similar costs and retention rates to the Washington territories. The main method is media and in-store kiosks. Northern Oregon also proposed that the company use only kiosk, but based on the company¤ es data this does not seem feasible for the company. Southern Oregon applies three methods of recruiting in their region. s main method of recruiting is a combination of staffing agencies, referrals, and kiosk advertising. However, there are higher costs and lower retention rates with kiosk recruiting.

Tanglew tocus is customer service. In order tor the company to maintain/ improve their customer service, they must hire the right candidate that has a ¤‚¬cecultural fit¤ ‚¬0 with the company. Tanglewood could continue to use an employment agency since data suggests the company is able to hire qualified applicants at a more reasonable cost and retain the employee for a longer period of time which will educe our overall hiring expenses through a agency.

My suggestion is that, Tanglewood create a listing of key components of the company¤‚¬ws culture to be used by the employment. Recruiting Policy Tanglewood¤es past recruitment practices had mixed results.

Upon review of these methods and taking into consideration the management focus group it is recommended that the company utilize a different approach. Based on the data, the lowest costs and turnover rates were found with the referral and agency based recruiting methods. With the newly revised plan, it allows the organization to track he expenses and employee turnover.