Teachers And Their Job

Teachers all around the whole wide world have big job to affect us, the teens of Planet Earth. Teachers are the brain of our education and are proved one of the most important people in our lives by numerous experts. Without teachers, who will teach us Math, Science, Literacy, History? How will we get a good future without them? How will we make one million dollars when we’re older without them? In my opinion, teachers are your parents away from parents, many of us teens spend 6 hours and 35 minutes at school, and the rest of our day at home with our mothers and fathers. Six hours give us much time to get smart quickly, well if you know what you’re doing. If you think about it, teachers have a big job, they control most of our future, no wonder they have a large salary.

After you read this, try and think different about your teachers, since they have a gigantic job to teach us everything there is to know about life.

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