Teachers Part In Us Learning

Teachers these days suck.

I will admit that some of them know what they are doing, but others are so boring! All they do is sit there and talk to you the whole class. Yes, some people like that because they can then do nothing the whole class, but to me I feel like I want to shoot myself! There are even studies out there showing that lecturing and reading are the two least effective way of learning. And really, how hard can it be to incorporate more fun and energetic things into class? Things that we can do on our own are much better that listening to a teacher. I know their job is to teach us, but they will be respected more if we can learn how we want. They make us take learning style assessments and then do nothing with them. A smart thing to do would be to create classes according to what our own learning style is.

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Then everyone could be learning the most effective way possible. I applaud the teachers that balance all the different ways they teach evenly. Hopefully someday the teachers that don’t soon will.