Essay on Teachers Should Be Paid More

Teachers should be paid more because of amount of work, behavior, and importance of job.The average teacher pay last year was 57,000.That’s not a lot when you think about Bills,Gas money and other things like food you live of off.the behavior in the classroom one distracts the kids from wanting to learn but also the teacher trying to teach them”when kids get in trouble they complain about how they are going to get spanked or grounded;then don’t be bad.”It can be a pretty thankless and underappreciated job but passion is what keeps you going.

” most kids don’t understand how thankful they should be, some kids will do anything to get an education. Amount of work plays a big part because students think it’s the teacher’s fault for there bad grades when the teacher has already been through the grade, behavior because teachers spent more time dealing with interruption than distractions than teaching and, importance of job is big otherwise we would be living zombies are all reasons why teachers should be paid more. One reason is bad behavior. (“Public Supports Higher Pay for Teachers”) 77% of teachers admit their teaching would be more effective if they didn’t have to spend so much class time dealing with bad behavior. If this wasn’t a problem think about how much higher test scores would be. “Behavior is the mirror in which everyone shows their image.

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” – Johann Wolfgang teacher and quotist. This relates back to one of the things you learned in kindergarten actions speak louder than words. “No matter how much positive behavior we teach students will still misbehave” – Responsive Classroom. Kids adapt to things so sooner or later they will find a way to be bad. So you can see that behavior is a huge part of teaching but not the only reason. Another reason is the importance of there job.

“Education is the key to succession life, and teachers make a lasting impact inhide student’s life.” Without education you don’t have a life. “A teacher affects eternity he can never tell where his inspiration ends.” Education from one teacher is carried on through generations. 7/10 teachers say they teacher they teach the same style as there teach the where inspired from. This show you even more that inspiration is carried on through teachers.

These facts and quotes should’ve showed you that teaching is important and that teachers should be paid more Many don’t believe that certain teachers should not be paid more. Someone may say “bad teachers shouldn’t be paid more because students don’t learn from them.” In return i would say, “are you sure it’s the teacher because they know this stuff maybe you just don’t understand.” Others may say ” preschool teachers shouldn’tbe paid more because they fingerpaint and nap all day.” I would counter this by saying ” preschool teachers help them learn to reading, spell basic words and, basic math.

not only this but not all preschoolers are potty trained.” Someone else may say ” teachers don’t do enough work to be paid more.” I would backfire this by saying “the average teacher spends 9 hours outside of work per week. in one school week there are 40 hours in that would be 49 hours a week spending on work.” In the end there is really no reason not to pay teachers more and all of these reasons show different views and outplay their opinions.

The reasons teachers should be paid more is because amount of work can be overwhelming, behavior is a huge problem and, there’s no doubt that we can be where we are today this proving the importance of the job. I predict in the coming years teachers will be paid more and i recommend you to help Them because you owe your knowledge to your teachers so give them some thanks back.