Short Essay about Teachers Free Essay Sample

They impart knowledge and skills to our faculty of intelligence.

And yet some of us don’t know how to show appreciation to them. It’s indeed that one cannot put a price tag on education, and so does teaching. If there is a category of people who knows how to shape, and furnish young children with useful information without showing any sign of fatigue, and unwillingness; surely teachers belong to that category because of the fact that they know how to push us students, and direct us through the lightning path of success. It is true that they earn a monthly salary for “teaching;” but I think they deserve more than just a salary. A little bit of appreciation could vitalize them, and encourage them to help us more.

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I am certainly not a teacher and neither are many other young children, but it is understandable to know how much they work to direct us, and making sure that we students learn the skills that we need to go out in the challenging world. Their job is one of the toughest to take on, and they still manage to do it happily without any apparent dissatisfaction. Most of us know how difficult it is to get an acceptance to college, and for many of us a descent job might be the ultimate target. Teachers are the ones who always make sure that, us students we are organized, prepared, equipped, and ready to strive through our targeted path; and many of them certainly make sure that we are properly expectant of the obstacles that lie on the journey ahead, and with that perception they help us cultivate tactics, and strategies to resist those obstacles. These are some words that I chose on behalf of many students around the world, in order to acknowledge your hard work, dedication, and everything that you [teachers] teach us from academic to real life lessons.

Your hard work makes a grandiose impact on our lives as students, and for that I, and many other students would like to express our gratitude in between these quotations; “Us student, we could not have left this day passed without wishing you a joyous Teachers’ appreciation week. We certainly think that everyday should be a day to celebrate teachers’ hard work. It’s indisputable how hard you [teachers] work to deliver the materials to us, and on top of that you still strive to help us during your free time. How much of a price can one put on that quality? None of us thinks that quality worth a financial value.” We sincerely thank you for your hard work.