Teachers Today Free Essay Example

My purpose in writing this article hopefully will allow the American public to see the importance in supporting education and teachers. I come from a long line of educators starting with my grandmother, my great aunt, my parents, and now my sister has joined the class of under appreciated workers in America. Teachers have a great importance to teach the future generations that will become America’s doctors, lawyers, and engineers.

Students never dared to goof off when my parents were going to school. A decent ‘thwack’ on the head would get them to behave. Of course I’m not suggesting going back to these medieval practices, but what happened to the respect these teachers had. It didn’t just get up and walk away or vanish into thin air. The American public treats these sublime, knowledgeable individuals are treated like babysitters.

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This stereotype clings to the minds of parents and students. We take away money from education to put into other activities. In Minnesota, we spend millions on a new football stadium while cutting millions from schools. Scott Walker cut more than 300 million from the public education system this year in Wisconsin to give to big businesses. This doesn’t seem right.

America needs to take a stand for teachers, lose the stereotypes, and realize that teachers help students thrive in a learning environment. Looking at today’s society, we throw our teachers into schools that have no control and expect some magical dust to fix everything. The control starts in the home with the parents. Make the education system a better place. Change the attitude acquired.

Gain a new respect for teachers and the rest of America will follow.