Are you team “GREEN?” What happens to the animals in the area where they’re drilling? UMMM easy question, the animals either DIE or have to leave their habitat and build a new one somewhere else.

Also, the water they use is FRESH water, our drinking water, or water that comes from streams, and we already are losing enough fresh water as it is. The high-pressure water mixture that gets released into the rock is filled with Fresh Water, Sand, and CHEMICALS. Not all of that mixture is taken out of the rocks and into the trucks, so the remaining water seep back through the earth and gets into lakes and streams that hold millions of microscopic organisms and they also hold lots of fish, so that healthy stream or lake gets filled with this nasty fracking fluid, so now the stream or lake is contaminated and the contaminates of the water kill ALL the ORGANISMS in the lake or stream. Sometimes the fracking fluid also gets into our wells, so now you can’t cook with the water, or wash the dishes with it, or drink it, or even bathe/ shower in it. Sometimes the chemicals coming from the water can ignite ( catch on fire) by any open flame and then the water may catch on fire, too. These are just SOME CONS of fracking/ drilling for natural gas.

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There are a lot more, so stay with TEAM GREEN!!! NOT TEAM FRACK!!! Just remember… “GO GREEN!!!! STAY CLEAN!!!!”