The Team

It was my second year of Destination Imagination in 2012 and our team challenge was Wind Visible.This challenge made our team think of ways to have wind be part of our skit.The seven of us got together for days thinking of ways that we could come up with a skit.We had many skit ideas before we final came to a conclusion. After all the work coming up with our skit our team called ourselves the Super Babies.The skit starts in a daycare in Tot Town where there were three babies watching their favorite show, Baby Einstein’s.

While they are watching, they are interrupted by breaking news.The wind had been stolen.The babies knew who did it when they heard this news.It was no other than the evil Dr. Pamper.Dr.

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Pamper had been an issue for the babies in the past.The babies knew exactly where he would be, the old abandoned Babies R Us.The babies went into the building where they were they met again with their old nemesis, Dr. Pamper.The babies were then hypnotized by the baby mobile spinning above them and fell into a sleep. Dr.

Pamper then locked them up in an electric play pen.Dr. Pamper believed that the babies were trapped. There was nobody else that could save the wind. However, there was one baby that was not locked up.

The trapped babies woke up in an electric play pen where they thought of a plan to escape. There was one baby that Dr. Pamper had forgotten about, Invisababy.Invisababy pushed the button to free the super babies. They then had to free the wind.

The babies finally released the wind and with this the town received its wind energy back. The babies were rewarded by the Mayor of Tot Town.The Super Babies did it again! This skit got us to state once again in first place in our elementary category when the real challenge started.We all really wanted to get to Global Finals, and we tried as hard as we could to do this.We worked hard on our instant challenges.Instant challenges are challenges that you get at competition that can be hard because you don’t know what it will be until you get there then you have a short amount of time to plan it.

These challenges can be anything from building to acting.We also spent a lot of time making our backgrounds for the Super Babies even better.We all worked hard for the next few months. The day came for state competition.We all headed over to Stevens Point where we arrived at our hotel.

We had a meeting before going to bed that night, and we talked about what the next day would be like.We then all enjoyed going to the pool and hanging out.We went to bed for the big day that would follow.When we woke up that day we left to head over to the campus where we would perform our skit.We all got into our costumes, dressed as toddlers and babies.

We all read through our skit many times to make sure we knew our parts as well as we could.We fixed props that got damaged during the move to Stevens Point, waited to go into the room.We were outside of the room, by the doors, glancing at each other nervously about what could happen.When we entered the room, we were sitting in our positions as they introduced our group with our parents and other family sitting in the audience.Then we heard the words “Super Babies are you ready, time.

” We then went on with our skit, which was the fastest 10 minutes of my life.When we left we felt good about how we had done, but we didn’t know if it would be good enough to go to Global Finals. Next, we went to our instant challenge, and we were happy about our challenge.The judges said that we had to come up with a song that everyone had to say a part of.We were happy about this because before leaving the school the day before, we had come up with a rap about all of our characters.We knew exactly what we were going to do.

We performed our rap, and the judges loved it.Knowing our instant challenge was good and our skit had gone well, we thought we could make it.In the back of our heads we tried not to get our hopes up. We all waited around for the awards.We sat patiently on the gym floor when they brought the photo slide show up.Our hopes went up when we saw a picture of our set go on the slide show.

We still tried not to get our hopes up.It felt like we were sitting on the floor for what felt like forever when they finally got to our category.We sat still motionless only moving to look at each other’s expressions.They announced third and second and we still weren’t called.We all lost hope and didn’t know what to expect.

We didn’t know what place we could have come in.It felt like a long time before they announced first place.We were motionless. We then heard them call our number when it took us a while to realize it was us.My heart was pounding as we ran up to the fount to get our first place trophy.

When we got back to the hotel we celebrated going to state happy that we would be going to Knoxville Tennessee. We realized we had a lot of fundraising and other work to do before going to finals.We had a lot of meeting about how much everything will cost and how much fundraising we would need to do. After a couple months past we started to practice more and we got ready to go to Tennessee.After school in late May we got ready to go on a bus for our 16 hour drive to Tennessee.

When we finally arrived at the campus we went up to our dorms and went out to start pin trading.We didn’t know for sure how pin trading worked so we headed out with few pins to trade.There were some people with hundreds of pins to trade and others with few.Once we started pin trading we realized how fun it was and we traded for hours.While pin trading we met people from many different states and countries. On one of our off days we went to the Smokey Mountains to go on a short hike and sightseeing.

While on the top of the mountain we were told that there was a bear further up a bit.It was fun going up the mountain and seeing the view. On the day of our performance we were patiently waiting outside the door waiting to go in.In front of us was a group from China that had nice backgrounds with a lot of detail.When it was time to go in I wasn’t as nervous as at state because there was less of an audience. However, there was more pressure because of all of the teams.

We made it through our skit and felt good about it. On our second to last day we went to the Duct Tape Ball where people were dressed in duct tape outfits.There was a lot of cool ideas that groups were going as.There were groups dressed as the Mario characters, the Disney Princesses, Santa and his elves, etc.

We stayed for a while there but it was very hot with duct tape on. There was a lot to do in our free time at finals they had hamster balls that you could race people in.They also had a human tug a war where you were tied with the person behind you and had to try making a basket as your opponent pulled you.There was a pool with diving boards.There was a big room with activities like space simulators, magnetic sand and other activities.

On the last day there was the closing ceremony.They had a lot of awards and a list of the top ten for every category on a board.When our category came up we weren’t expecting to place too well with all of the teams.We ended up placing in the top ten.With there being a lot of groups it was a huge accomplishment for us.

We went home tired after a long week realizing we still had homework to work on.The drive home felt a lot shorter than the ride to Tennessee.It was a fun experience but it was nice to be going home. Our group stayed together for one more year in sixth grade.We ended up going to Global Finals again and thinking it was best to end that way. I enjoyed all the years but the best year to me was the second year in 2012 – 2013 as the Super Babies.