Testing Narrative Essay

Testing is the worst. Especially on the last weeks of school you have billions of tests. You have: History, Math, Science, and Language finals.

Your NWEA, and ECA, and ISTEP. It is all so overwhelming. Teachers need to plan it better so that we don’t have it all in the same week. It is too overwhelming to have them all in the same week. You study for one test then forget about the others. Or we study really hard then we get our subjects confused and we freak out.

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We also could fail our test and feel bad because we knew it and didn’t pass. They also need to help us keep track of what we need to know. Most of the time teachers just give you a study guide and expect you to know what they are talking about, even the stuff from the beginning of the year, like for finals. Sometimes teachers just say “the test is next week don’t forget to study”, and most people will not know what to study about. Or they will not remember what is the important stuff. My suggestion to teachers is to review the chapters and sections before a test.

We need to be refreshed every once in a while. We most likely know it but need a refresher. To do this it needs to be something to draw us in. It could be a game like jeopardy, or just making the studying fun by making up ways to remember things. Either way we need to review.