The 1920s vs 2018s

The 1920s were a different place compared to today. In the 1920s, it’s an age of dramatic social and political change. A lot of Americans start to move from farms to cities for a new life. The economic growth caused Americans to have more money to spend on goods until the Great Depression.

The 1920s is arguably one of the most important events of American history. A woman in 1920s started to get more respect for their work, they could work as nurses, teachers, librarians and social workers. Jobs like being doctors or lawyers are still not more open compared to 2018s. They can wear clothes they want somewhat and they are referred to as flappers, through society are not 100% on board with this compared to now. In 2018s, a woman in America can wear what they as long it does not go against the law, but in other parts of the world, this has not been a change compared to the western parts of the world.

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The 18th amendment in the 1920s, banned the manufacture, sale transportation and consumption of alcohol. This caused a huge problem since many criminals got rich selling illegal alcohol to the people. Gangs also created big businesses from illegal alcohol. People addicted to alcohol were doing whatever it takes to get what they want. Due to the problems caused by the 18th amendment, it is overwritten and not in place in 2018s. The media in the 1920s are different, since Jazz is the most important style, while the movie industry is starting to become popular.

Jazz is developed in New Orleans, with African American and European music mixed together somewhat. The young Americans during that time like Jazz along with the dances that came with it. The movie industry is still doing well, while Jazz is now part of the American culture, as it is not as popular compared to in the 1920s with a new type of music in 2018s. The 1920s marked way for improvement in the American life. 2018s won’t came to be if it won’t be for the 1920s.

It gives us women’s rights, movie industries and more choices of music. It also allows the African Americans more rights after the deal with KKK. The 1920s into 2018s, it’s time to look forward into the future.