The Bureaucratic Organizations

In most of the bureaucratic organizations, management structure appears to take the form of triangle where communication of ideas, decisions, and orders flow from the top level management to the supporting staff.

In these organizations, the top level management is responsible for coming up with the long laid term strategies. These are policies which are laid to achieve he best results as well as placing the organization in a better position to compete fairly with existing competitors. Taking Coca-Cola- as one of the multinational company- as an example, it has incorporated the 3c’s in their strategic planning. This is the combination of coordination, collaboration, and cooperation to formulate long term strategies for success of this company (Denise, 2011). Collaboration is a process whereby there is participation among people, groups and organizations is emphasized to achieve the desired results.

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Through this process people who may be the employees, groups which include various departments in the organization, and the organization management work together to achieve the best results. Coordination is the act of bringing together different skills into a common pool towards achieving of a common goal. On the other hand, cooperation is the act of different people and groups being brought together under the one management for attainment of desired goals. Coca Cola to be rated among the best multinational companies in the world for the use of these 3c’s in their strategic planning. It has coordinated the performance of employees in meeting its goals, collaborated the interests of different managers at different levels of the company, and the cooperation with the existing potential managers to attainment on their goals (Asghar, 2004).

Coca Cola Company has extended this policy to even defining what is right or wrong what is known as the ethical issues. Through this, Coca cola is determined in giving back to the society through cooperate social responsibility (CSR). This has been achieved through coordination, collaboration, and cooperation with the existing environment. This has been done through the marketing strategy of the sales men getting information from the customers about the image of the company to the surrounding.