The Cedars

The Cedars Is a luxury seaside resort It has a reputation for providing deluxe accommodations and superior service The majority of the employees lived close by and been hired after WI The employees felt well taken care of and loyalty to the organization was high Turnover has been historically low especially compared to industry averages In the last several years many long-time employees have begun to retire The labor pool in town has diminished with people moving to larger cities for work Retired employees have been replaced by younger people

These younger employees live in surrounding areas and must travel several miles The quality of service at The Cedars has deteriorated The building itself and maintenance have still been well cared for The resort Is starting to lose long-time customers The reputation Is felt to be threatened The GM has met with his executive staff They believe the control systems are breaking down and supervisory personnel need to show more authority to low-level employees The senior employees feel the younger ones are lazy and irresponsible The newer employees believe they have good ideas and no one listens to them The GM was hired 9 months ago to replace the tired manager The owners hoped the new manager would turn the situation around They have seen little evidence of good improvements The owners plan to meet with the GM and his staff to get the resort back in good standing Problem Statement: The resort Is experiencing a lack of knowledge for the resort.

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Solution Statement: The resort should establish a detailed description of the resort pros: The younger employees will have a better understanding of the resort and their Job The more seasoned employees will respect the younger employees more The General manager will have a new viewpoint on his Job The resort will regain its reputation Cons: The younger employees may not be too willing to learn The older employees may be stubborn and feel they should already know everything The general manager will use a lot of his time on learning himself The employees as Solution: Based on what I have learned about the resort and the current situation, I think it is very important to establish some background history learning for the younger employees. If the employees know some history about the resort they will appreciate it better as well as the older employees.

The General Manager, since he is rather ewe, should also take the time to learn about the resort and what made it so valuable a few years back and why everyone loved it so much. If the boss is knowledgeable, he can teach his employees how to do things differently and everyone can grow as a whole. The more seasoned employees will see that the younger employees are trying to better themselves at work and as people and gain more respect towards the younger employees.

If everyone works together and knows their boundaries, there will be less run-ins and less guest dissatisfaction. As a whole, the resorts reputation will be restored and harmony will be in place.