The Dark Knight

Since elementary I’ve learned and studied heroes revolution; Fidel Castro ,Che Guevara, Martin Luther King , Shakespeare . Yeah , I know they’re wonderful role models ,but why not study some one I have a greater chance of becoming ? To be straight up that person is Tupac Shakur. Tupac’s worth studying, we can all connect to him from the most educated to the biggest outlaw. The Thug Angel had the hunger to learn, the hunger to persevere and he expressedmost of his knowledge through out his lyrics and the way he spoke.

Eventually some against the idea will speak and say he only talked about violence,drugs and gang banging but now days who doesn’t know about the “hustling life” “the thug life” etc.its hard now days to find some one who doesn’t do drug or know someone who doesn’t . We allknowviolence ,its everywhere especially in our neighborhoods and history, There’s no lie its in the books. Why be so negative and not seehe was a one of a kind, while others killed ,robbed he chose another sidehe chose music ,poetry, and learning. His music was full of literature, the words he used in hes music and poetryare the definition of life, not the sugar coated things other celebrities put into our minds . Isn’t it all about keeping it real? He was a hero being a villain , BATMAN ring a bell? He showed ; racial pride,duality,poetry,music for example in “Thug Angel” Pete Spire shows a scene where it clearly states Tupac making and working campaigns for black community .

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The paradox of a thug being a herotrying to save black community the youth in the streets from making homicide between each otherdoes not have value of studying? I can relate to the ones who say “No” , I thoughtwhat am I going to learn from him? To shoot someone?To bring up the “West side”? But it was all answeredI learned not only street smarts but words, art of music,he gave the message of claiming to the top is not impossible when you really want to.