Essay on Tupac Narrative Essay

At my high school we study Tupac to get a better understanding of him. Most adults think that we should not study Tupac; also that he is too violent for us.

Personally I think that they are all wrong they are thinking about the angry side of Tupac just because of his music. They say that Tupac is a thug that calls women a b****, and other words. They really don’t know the meaning of T.H.U.

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G L.I.F.E I did not either until I seen the documentary called Thug Angel T.H.U.

G L.I.F.E stands for “The hatred you gave little infants f*** everyone”. When they think of Tupac they think a man that hated women, and the police he was more than that he was someone that was trying to change the world. If you walked by a street and you was walking a concrete and you saw a rose growing from concrete, even if it had messed up petals and it was a little to the side you would marvel at just seeing a rose grow through concrete.

So why is it that when you see some ghetto kid grow out of the dirtiest circumstance and he can talk and he can sit across the room and make you cry, make you laugh, all you can talk about is my dirty rose, my dirty stems and how am leaning crooked to the side, u can’t even see that I’ve come up from out of that. — Tupac Shakur They don’t see the good side of Tupac and I feel like they do we need to learn more about Tupac more not just his music but his poems to. That why I think that all high schools need to learn about Tupac you can learn a lot from him. Tupac may use some awful language but he actually has something to in his music. I think that Tupac is worth studying he is interesting to learn about, unlike most things like Romeo and Juliet, and etc…..These high school kids would actually like reading about Tupac.