Why Tupac Is Worth Studying

Tupac Shakur is learned about at my high school. I think Tupac is worth studying because he’s the best rapper of all time and all his mistakes help us teenagers not get into the same trouble Tupac would get into a lot of trouble andI honestly have learned a lot about Tupac of how I shouldn’t sell drugs,be in gangs and not drop out of school.

Tupac is the best example to many teens which makes him a great person to learn about at school. Tupac was a good influence as a teenager but as an adult he became to fall down with his attitude but his poems and songs were just so good I still listen to them no matter how old they are. Tupac would write poems and songs on his neighborhood if there was a shoot out or someone dying Tupac would write about it. In his poem Untitled he states “Please wake me up when I’m free I cannot bear capacity 4 I rather be stricken blind than 2 live without expression of mind.” Tupac’s poem means that his neighborhood was horrible and didn’t want leaving there but because his mom was on drugs and wouldn’t really work he had to face many struggles like some kids in this school.

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Tupac to me is just a great influence yeah he did get into a lot of trouble with the law especially and his mantra is Thug Life but just because he was like that didn’t mean he had another side Tupac was very dual a dual person has two types of personalities and that’s who Tupac was a very dual person and that’s why he had many friends and enemies . Tupac is worth studying because he’s just so interesting and he’s just a good example to many teens in how he went to a nice kid who always would talk about school and going to college and as an adult he was starting to think differently and I still like how he would think and I still can’t believe that people took his life just because he was speaking the truth about society.