Students Should Study Tupac

High school students should study literacy and reading.

That’s when tupac comes in, tupac was a lot about his reading and his writing. Why do you think tupac’s lyrics from his music is spot on. Tupac loved school because it introduced him into reading. Unlike other students they don’t like going to school they rather be in the streets. But, tupac is the opposite, he looks like he should be in the streets but, he is in school reading and writing.

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He enjoyed all of those things. Finally do you think we should study tupac after hearing how successful he was with his reading and literacy skills. High school students should study tupac because it’s like a reflection off of him and school. Students wouldn’t want to learn about old stories like shakespeare or MLK anything there focus is the present. And tupac is the present to the students they would actually pay attention and understand tupac better.

It would educate the students more and fascinate them to read because they would want to be like tupac so they would do what he did and read and right. Tupac “was hero being a villain, like batman”. People talk about his criminal side when he shot a cop. But, if he was around the right people nobody would talk negative on tupac and they would talk about how good his reading and literacy skills are. Teachers may think negative if they hear that students study tupac because they hear about his bad side not his good. Tupac was a lead in the black lives matter because of his affiliation with the black panthers and instead of just learning about MLK you can add in tupac in the black movement.

Teachers should look at tupac as if he was a young activist not a criminal. What do people think of when Tupac refers to himself as a thug? He doesn’t mean it in a negative way it’s like a positive thing to him. Teachers would look at the word thug as if you’re a thief or criminal. And when they hear students studying tupac they think that there learning to become criminals. But it really means just to think what you want it to be. Studying tupac will help students understand what he did to fulfill his goal in life.

It all started when tupac started to go to school and was taught to read. Students should go thru those paths of tupac’s and start to read. Most students hate reading and don’t like writing but, once they hear what tupac did to get to the top it will change their train of thought. Everyone wants to be successful but, in order to be you must learn how to read and it gives you good communicating skills. Yea tupac may have done bad things but, if students learn and study about him, then students will read and write more because no matter how smart you are if you can’t read or write you won’t be successful.

And don’t forget tupac was in love with reading when he discovered it when he went to school.