Tupac's Duality

High school students should study science,math and english. Tupac was born june 16,1971 in East Harlem.

His mother was part of the Black Panther Party, he is heavily political and was inspirational to not only all black people but as to other races. Tupac was a contradiction because he was like an angel,kind,thoughtful,he enjoyed helping people. On the other side he was a thug who was always high and intoxicated. On the contrary high school students should study tupac because he is an example of a person who has duality,he shows the bad and the good side of hem. As a kid tupac had a lot of problems at a young kid so when he got to his young adult age he started writing poetry to help hem understand his duality. In one of his poems Tupac states “How can i be in the depths of solitude when there R 2 inside of me”.

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What he means is there’s two sides of him but he can’t seem to determine whether what side is the real him which cause him toto act out as a thug. In reality there’s more to his duality to whichwhy high school students should learn about tupac. High school students have multi split personality so studying tupac in high school can really help them understandtheir true self. In another sense of tupac’s duality he has written music that talks about his thug side. In most of his songs they are mostly talking about females and F….

this and F… that but if you pay attention to his lyrics he’s talking about how he saw thing in his life his music have specific meaning in them. An example of that is in his song “Dear Mama” he sings that song for his mama who was on crack and on drugs but also how he was a thug and how he hung around the thugs because that’s what he learned. Students shouldn’t not study Tupac because of his thug side but because every person has multiple sides. It’s important to learn how to handle the bad stuff that comes at you.Students can learn how to handle the bad stuff by studying Tupac. Students should study tupac because he is one of the most educated rapper that lived.

Tupac states “I read everything i can get my hands on”. Always hungry for knowledge tupac used the knowledge to inspire young people he he uses it in his words in music everything he learned he made it sound more open minded. Students should study Tupac because if tupac can read multiple books and could understand the text so can high school students.