The Definition of School

Everyone goes through school, however not everyone sees it the same way. School can be a blessing or a curse or anything in between, it all depends on the student’s point of view. It’s almost like people walk through the halls with glasses on that lets them see school in a slightly different way than their peers. These glasses have the power to bend light and shape the way someone perceives school.

School can be morphed into a playground, a war zone, a haunted house, a wonder world of information, a stage, a waterside, a diving board and for the unluckiest souls it can be a shallow grave. The way someone sees school depends on a few key things. The most important being their social skills, the way a student interacts with his or her peers will heavily influence their school experience. For example a popular student will see school as being a playground where they are free to play or interact with others as they wish. Or maybe the popular kid sees the school as a stage where they must constantly and tirelessly stay in character and give the audience what they want.

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On the flip side an unpopular student’s glasses will show them school as being a haunted house they must soldier through. They know better than to open their mouths and interact with the ghosts because they know any one of them could ruin their whole day. Another skill that influences a child’s point of school is how book-smart they are. A clever adroit kid will have no problems keeping a steady 4.0 throughout their high school career.

For them school is a place to learn freely and enjoy the fact that they are significantly smarted than their peers. A student like this sees school as a wonder world of valuable information, their glasses show them a diving board that they can use to do a cannon ball and make a splash in the outside world. The antithesis of this is someone who constantly struggles just to keep a steady D- in any class. Them and their glasses spend their days in school in a shallow grave. Dirt is constantly being dumped on a little faster than they can work through it. The only thing keeping them alive is a thin breathing straw called D-.

Lastly a student who simply keeps their head down, does their work, and quietly strolls through school without stopping to enjoy it or get tortured by it will see school as being a water slide. They went down with their eyes closed and didn’t really notice the zigs or zags. They eventually just got spit out into the real world once they got to the bottom. School has no set definition; every person views school slightly different. Their glasses may show them a wretched building of unholy torment, or a warm, inviting, safe haven.

Defining school is nearly impossible, it all depends on the situation.