The Education Expense Free Essay Example

Not everyone should attend college.Today the expectation that every single high school graduate must go to college seems irrational.Starting adult life thousands of dollars in debt does not sound like the start of a path to success. And with the cost of tuitions rising college appears less and less attractive.All high school graduates should not be expected to attend college because financially it does not make sense for everyone.

With the increasing cost of tuition every student will not be able to afford a college education. Student loans can help students combat the rising cost of tuition, but how much do they really help?Students do not just get the money for free, they obviously have to pay it back.The average student leaves school with $33,000 in student loan debt (Cecillia).Paying this back represents a huge challenge for the students, who most likely have little money and no job upon graduation.Additionally, the constant rise in tuition costs contributes to the increasing need for student loans.

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Since 1980, tuition costs at U.S. colleges and universities have risen 757 percent (Cecillia).In 2013, the average annual tuition cost $20,234, up form $15,262 in 2003 (Fast).Since 1980, college tuition has been one of the fastest rising expenses in America.Most high school students do not have the time to work and save the tens of thousands of dollars needed to pay their tuition.

As tuition continues to rise, it may be more cost effective for some to avoid college and all the debt and instead enter the workforce.Lastly, compared to an average family’s income, the cost of tuition is incredibly high.The average American family brings in $53,046 a year whilethe average annual tuition is $20,234 (USA).The cost of tuition is nearly half of the average family income.Half of a family’s income would be a huge commitment and risk for something that could be unessential.

Even worse, if a family had multiple people attending college at the same time, it would pose a huge financial dilemma.Just the tuition for one person could make many families think twice about sending their child to college.Forgoing college could save tens of thousands of dollars that most high school graduates do not have.Something to consider. The vast majority believe that success and a degree go hand in hand, but many high paying jobs that require no more than a high school diploma exist.

Careers such as a plumber, web developer, and an insurance sales agent do not require more than a high school diploma.The fact that these jobs require no higher level education does not mean the pay is minimum or too low to live a comfortable life.All three of those careers in fact have incomes well above the average personal income of $26,695 (Social).The average annual salaries for a plumber, $60,000, web developer, $76,000, and insurance sales agent, $47,000, all fall well above the average American’s personal income(10).Sure high school graduates cannot become brain surgeons, chemical engineers, or may struggle to find a job with a starting salary of over $100,000, but there are many solid career options that could pay a hefty salary down the line.

Even though the salaries for jobs that do not require a degree start lower, people who forgo college avoid the astronomical cost associated with it, and can also start making money years before college graduates. Everyone wants to be successful.Most people believe success does occur without a degree in hand, but simple logic may say otherwise.Student loan debt, the forever rising cost of tuition, and the cost of tuition compared to average income make college unaffordable for some.Entering the workforce straight out of high school seems more and more appealing as these costs rise.With that in mind,the expectation that every high school graduate must attend college should cease to exist.