The Ideal Education Free Essay

School – a word revered by adults and dreaded by children. School can shape children’s futures, influence important decisions and transform society. Needless to say, education has a massive impact on our everyday lives. However, there are many issues in our current schooling system.

These problems may seem trivial, but if they were removed from the educational experience, I believe that school would become a far more enjoyable and educational place. So exactly what are these problems? One major issue in the modern education system is stress caused by school. Teachers and parents, constantly emphasize the importance of school and inadvertently placing stress on their children. At school, stress is like an iceberg – the tip is visible above the surface of the water, but the rest lays below, unseen. Every day, when I go to school, I can see my fellow students working hard to maintain a smile on their faces; yet, despite their joyful expressions, I sometimes wonder what really lies below the surface.

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Are they really as content as they seem, or are they simply hiding behind a facade? Stress may be an ordinary and common thing in adults’ lives, but at school, stress can be deadly. Every year, over 200,000 suicides are caused by concerns about school performance and exams. Some may argue that the current school system’s advantages outweigh the disadvantages, but is the wasted potential of students’ futures really worth it? Another problem is the competitive environment at school. Contrary to the belief that competition fosters ambition, I believe that competition encourages a hostile, negative attitude. Of course, it can drive students to perform well, but more often than not, it can lower self-esteem.

Competition creates feelings of envy and jealousy and turns the playing field into a battlefield. When competition is encouraged, school is no longer a place to help people grow. Instead, it becomes a place to put you down; a place to fuel insecurity; a place where you are either number 1 or a failure. Is competition really ‘healthy’ for students? Should we really be encouraging such a negative attitude? However, the worst problem at school is neither stress nor competition. It is the fact that people are taught how to think.

Our education system imposes a standard, generic mindset onto each student, instead of encouraging people to develop their own unique opinions. Children become robots, regurgitating facts and figures, not once questioning the words coming from their own mouths. School should prepare students for life as adults – but how can this be possible when all students prepare for are tests? How is society supposed to advance when we are spoon-fed answers instead of seeking them out ourselves? The examples above are only a few of the many problems we face in our current education system. Now, for the most important issue: how can these problems be fixed? Firstly, I would stop emphasizing the importance of exams and tests. Of course these assessments are important, but they are not worth the stress they cause.

Secondly, I would encourage each person to perfect their individual talents and help others in time of need. Students need to realize that winning is not everything; lending a helping hand can be just as satisfying. Finally, I would motivate students to think for themselves and be inquisitive towards the world around them. Inventions and ideas are far more valuable than numbers and facts. All of these solutions may sound impossible – but the ideal education system should not be a fantastical dream.

It should be possible if we all work together. I know that I do not have the power to fix everything – but neither do you! No one can fix such massive issues by themselves. However, if we work together, we would be able to stop the vicious cycle of stress. Together, we would be able to turn the hostile atmosphere into a supportive one. Together, we would be able to nurture a new generation of creative thinkers and innovators. Together, we would be able to build a better future for all.