The Importance of Education Free Essay Example

FCA’s TYPE 3, FCA 1: Effective and interesting opening and closing. TYPE 3, FCA 2: Details coherently organized and developed using 3 or more methods of elaboration. TYPE 3, FCA 3: Uses a variety of sentence structures and openings (5 or more times).

Recently, I have come to the realization of the importance of a good education. In order to be a success in society, I must have the education and the mind power to achieve. I find that it is for this reason alone that grades must be taken seriously. My goal is to attain high standing in high school and college, followed by multiple years of post-graduate classes. It will be a challenging goal, but I feel that the results will be better than facing the negative consequences of an apathetic attitude towards education.

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As of this point in my life, I have been privileged to receive high-quality schooling. It will be the skills I learn that propel me forward in life. It is the skills I learn that will allow for the completion of what I hope being many accomplishments. It is imperative, at least for me, that I do not forget the humble beginnings of those before me. As I dove deep into family history research, I found that my great-great grandmother was entirely illiterate.

When coming to a new country, this poses a whole list of obstacles. It is like running a marathon without having trained previously. While finishing the race is possible, it is made far more difficult due to the fact that the stamina required is lacking. This is the challenge that my great-great grandmother faced. Combined with the fact that she did not possess a lot of money, success, or even improvement, was going to be an uphill battle.

Affording and receiving a traditional mode of education at this juncture of her life was most certainly not going to be an option. But, at least for her, she was lucky. While not the most orthodox method of learning, my great-great grandmother was taught to read and write by her husband. Thinking about this story helps me to appreciate what I have received in life concerning education. It is a valuable asset to have, and not everyone can afford it.

As a student right now, I find it a necessity for me to apply, with all of my effort, the skills that I have learned. Playing sports, hanging out with friends, and going on vacations are without a doubt exciting, but I know for me what will be the difference maker in my future. Currently, having an I-want-to-learn attitude is working better than an I-do-not-care-at-all attitude, and that is beyond alright with me. Having zeal to learn, I find, aids me in obtaining respect from both friends and adults. I want to be prepared as a student, adult, and father.

Using my opportunities will allow me to be a provider for both my family and society. Academics will be my life’s path to reaching a respected position in society. In terms of thinking ahead of high school, I would, without any hint of doubt, be overjoyed to have the opportunity to attend a top-notch college or university. This is for multiple reasons. For starters, the quality of people, as well as the educational standards, is most likely better. Secondly, the psychological joviality I will feel based upon my attending a renowned college will be helpful throughout the experience and my life.

Finally, showing that I have gone to a revered school will help me receive a favorable job. There is a chain reaction begun by education that will affect me throughout my life. It is synonymous to a wave that must be caught at the correct time in order to ride it to the end. Upon graduating from college, I want to be a strong asset to those around me. It is one of my worst nightmares to have someone consider me useless. There is no pride in causing that particular occurrence.

In this case, pride comes from creating an atmosphere of appreciation around me, versus one of negativity. If I am a waste, manufactured from stupidity and laziness, then I am nothing more than an obstacle to advancement. Having the brain capacity to achieve, that is the number one requisite for climbing the mountain to success. I must be the creator and the doer of my education, career, and life. It is with great admiration that I look upon some of the greatest creators and entrepreneurs of our time.

They work tirelessly day in and day out to advance our society forward on a path of technological superiority, so that we can be productive, and not the lowly, obstacle to advancement. However, I remember the underlying truth of their success: education. They needed it above anything else. It is stories like theirs that I believe in the importance of education for success.