The Effects of Art in Schools

Imagine living in a world without color, imagination, or inventions.

Art is what makes all of these things and also makes kids creative. Art also helps keep kids in schools. The purpose of this essay is to show how art in school affects the world. Art in schools develops children and their creativity. Kids being creative is what inspires them to invent things like technology.

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Art develops curiosity and can lead to translating to the scientific world. Also, kids learn better when they take art classes and that gets them good grades. Being creative gives students opportunities. Art can help kids stay in school. Without the chance to learn more, the students would not go to college. Going to college would allow the student to have a well-rounded education.

Eventually, the kids would have a good job or career. With the good job or career, the person/student would have enough money to survive on and give their children a good education. Also, the scholar could visualize things to help them learn in school. Art helps people later on in life. Art is a helpful thing to all people.

Art has inspired kids to be more creative. Also, art has kept kids in school. The world has become a more colorful and advanced because of art in school. Society has also been influenced by art and has become more evolved.