Why Cellphones Should Be Allowed in Schools

Students all over the world there getting phones at the age of 10 through 13.

But in many schools you are not allowed to bring cellphones to school. A device can help students in a big way. And I some schools they have bring your own device and it helps many students with learning and helps with in school projects I think kids should be able to bring their cell phones to school. Cell phones are use full in many ways. A way is that it makes kids and parents feel safe.

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It makes the parents feel safe because they can contact there child if there is an emergency in the family. A student feel safe because they know if anything happens they can pull out there phone and call 911. Students should be able to use there in the hallways, the cafeteria, and if the teacher allows it in the classroom so they can interact with their friends. On the other hand cell phones are distracting for them and the teachers. And it would be easier to cheat in the classroom.

But if this ever happens you should take up there phone for the class or if it’s even worse than they can make fine of $5. And have to call their parents. Also, cellphones help kids do projects and have fun with their teachers and classmates. In many articles parents have stated that they feel that kids should have phones for education and it makes the parents feel safer so they can call 911 if emegancy.in concussion students all over the world should be able to use their phone if they have one for better and more fun education.