The Effects of Violence

This paper will examine the impact Television has to youth behavior.

It will look in the problem caused by viewing of television; identify television violence, effects of television violence on youth on the means of reducing such television violence. The analysis will be based on available statistics. It will also deduce the origin of violent games and its impacts to the bigger society.The issue of entertainment can be dated back to the biblical time. Interest in drama and other entertainments can be related to ancient by the Greeks. They participated in classical arts and also military power.

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Military at those time participated in gladiator games and other competition events such as sports such as chariot racing. The change in history has also brought with it changes in entertainment. Entertainment has remained consistent over the ages. The killings which occurred among Gladiators made Romans adopt such characters by becoming wild. In the eve of killing his opponents, A Gladiator would read the minds of the audience and then decide to save his opponent. The audience comprised of men and women would be entertained by a violent death in the case of killing.

During Olympic Games, they advocated for violent games. Greece was where the national games which are even enjoyed up to date emanated, from. The games were originated made for men since they were purposely dedicated to Zeus.Western society adopted Greek drama in the event of time. The issue of wards came in to being for the winners in games. Attending games over recent past has drastically changed.

Two different types of games were staged; comic and tragedy plays. Violent themes were carried in the case of tragedy plays. Funs dominated in the Comic plays. Skills of war came in the nations which adopted entertainment from Greek. For instance, the game of the knights involved killing of the opposing horse. Despite the dangers experienced in these plays, people advocated for even guns.

Europe had an impact from Rome since they adopted violent sport.Games and drama has evolved through out the centuries. People have become wild and enjoy seeing blood. This has been the case mostly during competition. Movies and films of nowadays are widely covered with violence and gore.

Lust for violence is triggered by blood whether real or virtual. The drive that made Romans advocate for violent entertainment has remained in people for a couple of years. People advocate for horrific films. Violence has become more gratuitous with violent movies such as cowboy movies and cops shows. The format of Roman arena has been replaced by modern multiplayer games and movie theaters. During gladiator days, Christian martyrs were common.

The cloud which was blood thirsty booed upon whoever protested and it is at that time that the Gladiator killed him. The case of violence has carried the day in most of the modern games. The issue of violent games has evolved further with new technology such as television and internet.The norm of violence is common in children. The devastating factor experienced in our modern schools is the fact that students exercise violence to their fellow students. This is an alarming issue whose source should be known and addressed.

Students also organize violence against their educators. The cause of the violent shooting spree on students and educators should be analyzed well.Television violence has a great impact to the behavior of children. Children exercise violent acts from what they watched in the Television. This has been an issue for a couple of years.

There various disastrous situations which occurred due to youth violence. The behavior of the youth is adversely affected by Television violence (Margolin Gayla, 2000). Although television owners try to protect the fact that television contribute to youth violence it is something which has no doubt. E.B White is amongst the great authors who predicted the impact of television to the society.

The highest percentages of those who view television are children. This makes children follow any incidence in the television. It is perceived that children around 3-4 hours daily watching television. Almost every home has a television and thus the impact of television is spread across the globe. During their free time after school, children spend most of their time watching television without any restriction from their parents.

In order to curb the long hours spend by children watching television, parents and government should set restrictive measures.Television violence has increased over the recent past. Many researchers have identified that many violent acts are introduction in the television within a very short time. Violent acts dominate television show during prime time. This is also experienced during children shows which come on Saturdays.

Therefore children are introduction to violent acts almost every second in the television. The number of violent acts viewed by children is estimated to be very high counting that after every one hour around five violent acts are introduced per hour. This gives to around 125 violent acts per week. It is estimated that this will go up substantially with the revelation of war cartoons such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and GI Joe. Numerous violent acts are portrayed by war cartoons with some figuring attempted murder. The minds of young children are affected by these violent acts.

Children follow keenly on these violent acts with the aim practicing them on their fellow children. The impacts of violent acts on children may be noticed while at their early ages or may take long without being noticed with some stretching up to adulthood stage. Researchers has warned the media that by indicating the means of solving any conflict is by indulging in to violence makes it sound that violence is socially acceptable as a way of solving dispute. Children become aggressive upon being introduced to violent acts in the television. The invention of television has been attributed to many impacts to youth behavior. This was settled at after several researches on impact of television youth behavior.

There are other impacts of TV violence on youth behavior. Children perceive that the only way to solve problems is by participating in violent acts. Children imitate every stance of volent acts they watch in the television. They tend to identify themselves with certain victimizers and victims. Children build immunity in them on violence. They are less moved by the events and the consequences since they get used as they continue viewing TV violent acts.

Some of the shows such as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles portray acts of attempted murder. A boy stabs his colleague for not returning his toy; a cat is watched being swayed around the neck as a weapon. All these make children be aggressive. Researches have been carried out to deduce the impacts TV violence has on children (Defronzo James, 2001). Those children who watched violent acts were found to be more active and aggressive both in classroom and in the playground. This was associated to the acts they watched over the television.

Those children who watched non-violent acts were less aggressive and not so much useful.The invention of computers has brought many impacts to children with the revelation of video games. Video games have been in place for a couple of years. Video games were unveiled in 1980s when there was emphasizes to introduce computers in the classrooms. Researches have indicated that video games have both positive and negative impacts to children (Osofsky Joy, 1997). We will consider video games such as computer games, arcade games and home console games.

The availability of more time gave children more time to play video games. This raised some concern on its impact. Researches indicate that girls spend less time in video games compared to boys who spend more time. The time being spent in playing video games is increasing with time.The same as the impact brought about by television viewing, video games has some risks. Video games have been associated with poor performance in academics and effects to health.

More effects are experienced when video games are taken in the context of violent content. Aggressive behavior builds in children who are introduced to violent video games (Margolin Gayla, 2000). Video games provide an interactive environment since children get fully absorbed to them. Those children who prove game wizard are awarded. This makes children to wish to play repetitive times so as to be declared winners for rewards.

These properties of video games make them expected to have serious impacts. The time spent playing video games dictates the impacts to children.The time spent affect6s academic performance in classroom since take more time on games than in course work. Participating in violent video games affects the behavior of children. Children become horror of violence.

Children involved in violent video games become antisocial. They acquire aggressive behavior. Those involved in such games tend to isolate themselves from others. Violence in video is defined as the act to attempt to harm other characters. Violent games are mostly preferred by children in 4th and 8th grade. There are some major effects brought about by violent games.

Participating in violent games contribute to increased; aggressive behavior, aggressive feelings and thoughts and physiological arousal. It also contributes to antisocial characters.In order to minimize the effects of violent video games, parents have a role to play. Parents should limit the time spent by their children in video games. Limiting the time spent enables children to concentrate in class work thus improving there performance. Parents should also choose the kind of games their children should participate.

Research indicates that those children who participate in non violent video games are less involved in fights. The level of empathy goes down by participating in violent video games.In conclusion, violent games can be traced back to the ancient Greek drama and classical arts. Gladiators in Greek staged violent games to the audience. The audience was anxious on violent games despite of its dangers.

Violent games have evolved over the years with historical changes. In the modern society, horrific films, movies, video games and other violent games have dominated the society. This has brought many impacts to the youth who are anxious during their developmental stages.