The Future Made of Diamonds

Future (noun): the time or a period of time following the moment of speaking or writing; time regarded as still to come. The future is something to fear, but also something to obtain. We are often trapped in the past, but why not strive through the deep, lengthy walls of the past and aim higher? Aim to live, breathe, run, dance, or even feel things that we’ve never felt before.

The minute it took you to read that much of my article has already passed you. Take advantage of the time we have. Our future is so undecided, it’s liberating in a sense. You can travel the world, you can have kids, work at a bar your whole life, or even become bitter as the world takes its toll on you. You have to drink it all in, your freedom I mean. You have to use your daggery claws, grab it by the throat, and scream, “You are mine! I can conquer you, I can be the person that I have always dreamed to be!” I can climb that mountain, I can make people feel things that they’ve never felt before.

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The future is like dirt on a hill, when you have a bad day it can all be rushed away, drained, by the powerful rains and winds. When you have a good day it can grow. I don’t want that kind of future…

I want a future made of diamonds. I want a gurantee that my life won’t be a waste, that it will be as solid as a diamond and as certain as its glimmer when placed in the savage sun.