How does this effect my future?

“I can’t wait to just get out of here!” “I am so moving away as soon as I graduate.” “I feel like running away” I’m sure you’ve heard and probably said these things yourself multiple times.

In our teen years we seem to be growing more and more eager to escape. But the question I want to ask you is ‘What are you truly escaping?’ If you run away, you’re never truly solving any issues. If you drop out of high school on your eighteenth birthday, what are you truly gaining from that? Sure you’ll have more freedom but ultimately that freedom is crushed by the heavy burdens and worries. When you leave school your supposed to move on to making money and starting you’re own life. The reality is that if you are ill equipped your life won’t be as strong as it could be. You’re apartment will probably be smaller then if you just waited and took your time to gain the knowledge you need.

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I know that you may think that the topics that you are being taught right now won’t be applicable to your future. I certainly have thought that about a lot of things (How the periodic table apply to everyday life anyway?) I don’t have all the answers to your questions about your future and I don’t know exactly what we will need to strive in it but I do trust our elders when they say “Your education is one of the most important things ever.” So do your future a favor by staying in school