The Future of College Tuition

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are making a change that is going not going to only benefit myself but also my fellow graduation and the future graduates of my high schools. This will not only help the students in my community but all of the United States. The objective of there change is to make college affordable for all students, to make every individual stride for the opportunity to have a college education. ” To be successful in the 21st century economy, American’s workforce must be more innovative and productive than our competitors.” (Obama Barack) The goal of giving every American the opportunity to attend a affordable college will help support more citizens and support our economy.

“College cost has grown nearly 40 percent in the past five years.” Being a student myself and living in this tough economy is not easy; of course, my family is there which gives me all the support, and I am very fortunate. Some teens, which have no support, struggle getting to the next level in life, college. This is because at home the motivation to stride for college becomes unreachable they feel because they do not have the right funds to reach the following stage. By following Obama’s change can make this possible, even if the college is a community college.

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Any college is a education. Once understanding the possibilities and opportunity the next step is to apply to the college of choice, which one must keep in mind. “This fully refundable credit will ensure that the first 44,000 of college education is completely free for most Americans, and two- thirds the cost of tuition at the average public college or university.” (Obama Barack) Giving the children this much money will help every individual, if living in a stable home or not. Understanding that you have to give back for what you have received will also help the student to the next stage of life after college.

Giving service as the return for the money given will not only help the students pay off there tuition but could also line them up a jobs for the future. Students studying Premedication will have the ability to take care of patients that would be seen by a certified doctor. Societies work force will grow greatly as needed towards each individual carrer.”100 hours of public service a year, either during the schools year or over the summer moths”(Obama Barack) Given the ability to work in a flexible manor will keep children focused on there studies and not overwhelmed with completing their service and school studies at the same time. Having the ability to work during the summer will keep the students in there area of interest in the summer if they are interested in paying off there hours during that time period.

Personally, after preparing for college I have filled out numerous documents and from this have learned so much about my family. Having a family that makes me responsible for my own work, I have filled out all of my documents alone unless they were required to answer questions. If the government is to change the way the data is to be entered more child will be active in this process. “Free Application for Federal Student Aid is 5 pages long and 127 question”(Obama Barack) which contains information all upon individual and family income taxes. The new FASFA being creating will work more around a basic question air, which will make it child accessible.

For every child to reach the point of applying for college, the education has to start at a young age. ” The years before a child reaches kindergarten are among the most critical in his or her life to influence learning.” (White House Washington) Being a student with a learning disability, if it was not for having the proper education, I would be struggling in my academic areas. President Obama states” we must provide support four our youngest children, to succeed later in school. (White House Washington) Being a child that started at a privet school, I felt that my education needed strengthening because the teachers did not understand everyone has a different learning style.

Having teachers that grasp every child’s learning styles is a teacher that will see growth in the classroom. “Compressive set of services a support for children; from birth through age 5″ Will give the chance for each individual to learn as required. Giving everyone equal opportunity will not only keep the children positive by will allow everyone to accept that people will be working at different speeds.” President Obama will urge states to impose high standards across all publicly funded early learning settings, develop new programs to improve opportunities and outcomes, engage parents in their child’s early learning development.”(White House Washington) Giving both the parents and child all these accommodations will form a bond of encouragement between the parents and children. Most of the people that feel discourage are ” unprepared for in 12th grade” (Obama Brack) At this point making a change is to late because the requirements are at higher standards and the child is to far behind.

Obama is giving children a chance to get extra help from teaches and also providing services at the high school level which can help children in the areas they feel are needed. Every child wants to succeed in life, knowing they could have a goal will keep them interested in working harder. President Obama and Vice President Biden have given every child in the United States this dream. I feel this gives me more of a reason to stride and meet every standard required to be eligible. College today is a struggle from start to the end.

If given the opportunity to have a education, which will carry you, your entire life, everyone will work for this. Having the chance to get active in the community while in college opens the doors for internships and knowing people for your future job. With given these opportunities they are not taking advantage of the situation. Knowing that the government is in control, no individual will try to abuse the situation. The government has the ability to take away every opportunity they have given you will make one work to not have all their hard work taken right out of their hands.

The future is in our hands. This opportunity comes faster then realized. Keeping on track of life ahead is not easy unless you want the best for yourself. A student herself is the one who approach the president with this concept, the first time approaching she was turned away but with determination she now has people who believe in this system. “As the daughter of a college professor for Fontbonne College in St.

Louis, I watch students, parents, and teachers panic over how to oversee student loans so the students could continue their education.” (Congress.Org) This dream is becoming a reality for these unfortunate individual. No individual is holding one back anymore because every opportunity is here for us to explore, if at first you do not succeed you must try again. Work Cited “Education the White House.

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