The Government Is Taking Action

On October 4th the first student government meeting will begin.To several students, this is very important.

Lots of students want to make an impact on the school. In student government, they do team building activities, fun party and at the end of the school year, they go to Stonefire Pizza.This is a fun opportunity for all students in involved in school or students who want to be involved in school. The student government room has been sadly terminated to make room for new classes and teachers, but they have moved to a new meeting location in the art room 61. Without student government, there would be no spirit days, F.A.

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M.E. night or, 8th Grade formal. Also, think about all the things the office would have to do for fundraisers. F.

A.M.E. night, spirit days and the 8th grade formal, and spirit days have been going on for years. Would you want to lose those events? If not In the words of Ms. Poz “Come on down and make a difference”!