The Government Shuts Down

On October 1st, 2013, at 12:01 AM, the United States Federal Government shutdown. This essentially means all non-essential government services are suspended indefinitely, cutting nearly 1 million federal jobs.

The shutdown is the result of an uncompromising Congress in gridlock over creating a new budget. The hiatus will last until a compromise can be made. An impending deadline, however, is October 17th, Which is the date for the revision of the Debt Ceiling, which, if not revised, could have catastrophic repercussions. Senior Jack Dambeck says, “I think it is ridiculous that our Government is shut down because our elected leaders can’t compromise.” This is the second time in the history of the United States that the Government has shut down.

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Both shut downs were over disputes over budgets. This year’s conflict arose out of the proposed Affordable Care Act, better known as “Obama Care.” The Democrats want funding to go towards the plan, however, the Republicans refuse to allow it. Congress will remain in gridlock until one side receives enough media criticism that they give ground. In the meantime, Congress will continue to receive their paychecks, while over 800 million other federal employees go without.

Dambeck said, “Congressmen should have to give up their pay too.” Senior John Widish says, “It is Congress’ job to compromise. If they are unable to do that and force millions of people into temporary unemployment, then they should lose their pay as well.” The US government is currently $16,750,878,990,364.15 in debt, primarily to the American people.

This number is rising constantly, and unless Congress comes together and raises the debt ceiling, currently $17 Trillion, then the US may go bankrupt. This would discredit the United States government in the eyes of debtors. The Republican party (who controls the House of Representatives) refuse to pass any amendment that fixes this problem, unless the Democrats (who control the Senate) agree to pass a budget that limits Obama Care.