The History of Violence

Violence has been around since the beginning of time. If you look back, you will see that violence was as natural and common as breathing. The only reason that it is frowned upon is because we have used violence against our selves and we have killed to many of our own, as well as to many animals and plants. We abused the land, and everything it had to offer, as well as our selves.

Now when we do almost anything that involves pain or killing it is called violence. But I believe that this word “violence” is used much too often and for things that are not real violence. If you were to look up the word violence you would find that it mean “rough or injurious physical force, action, or treatment: to die by violence.” No where in this definition does it state that violence means to get mad at people once and a while, or to yell sometimes when mad. But if you do any of those things people go and say that you have violent tendencies, but in truth most people are just human.

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We have made the word violence so common that now when we use it is means nothing, it is just another word. But even in the beginning of time it was here. There is this cycle with the word violence, first we make it sound so evil and desensitize it, then we use it to much and it becomes obsolete. That is the cycle that violence goes through over and over again through out the centuries. Right now it is at the second part of the cycle wear we are using it for every little thing.

Violence should not be a bad thing in most cases, when we use it to kill our food supply, this is a good act of violence that man uses to survive. Now when someone goes and kills a whole family for no reason then that is bad, cruel violence. You can‘t use it for every single killing that happens of every single thing because that is what we are doing right now and it is not working. We are over using the word violence, just like we are over using the word love. In some languages there are 30 different words for one word in the english language. Yes there are the words genocide, manslaughter, and murder, but there root is violence.

And ever since the beginning of time there has been violence. And to tell you the truth there will always be violence, is it just human nature, the cycle of life. Some people say when a person dies that it was “unfair” and they had so much to see. But they were going to die anyway, maybe with more pleasure in there memories or with more readiness but in the end they would have died. Violence was in ancient Egypt, that people died in their twenties and that was just fine.

But now anything under forty is considered “sad.” Death has been here as long as life, and will be here after. Or murder, or even just the violence of life’s cycle, whichever you may die by, it can be in some way called violence. And as long as there is life there will be death, and there will be violence.