Violence Leads To No Good

In violence we forget who we are.~Mary McCarthy Violence is a cycle. Violence is everywhere in the world. Especially with adolescents . I believe it all starts at a young age.

People that are in jail for violence have already experienced it themselves and used it towards others. Violence never ends. Violence gives birth to violence. I believe violence starts at a young age. And it all starts with bullying/getting abused in or outside of school. You know everyone has bullied someone at one point.

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I personally see it a lot of bullying happening at school. It happens everyday at school in the hall ways, on the play ground, before and after school. It may not seem such of a big problem at first but once you get tired of getting bullied you may do something stupid (I would say) to stop the bullying. Which that action may lead to major violence. Violence can change who you are. You feel lonely at times, very depressed and get stressed easily over little things.

It can totally change you. When you experience violence you feel like you have to take out your anger on someone or something else meaning to hurt them. That can get you into serious trouble no matter how old you are. Violence can also lead to unwanted death. Once you harm someone you can’t take it back and say I shouldn’t of done that because its too late. I personally haven’t experienced with violence at any point but I do see it a lot at our school.

A lot of males and females have been suspended for using violent actions against others. I may be wrong but what I see more, is that girls are more violent against each other than guys are. In conclusion, violence isn’t good in any way. And I think something should be done about it. You can’t just stop it from night to day but over time something can be done about it starting with bullying at school and abuse of any kind in school and out of school.