The Inner Circle

Birth Life then finally death. No instead let’s say birth life death then birth life and death again.

This is the cycle that all living and non living things go through. Plenty of people are scared of death, but what most of them forget is that after death there is always birth and then more life to come. The way I described the cycle of life makes it seem like death is all there is to being born. But it is not Because of no one ever mentioned the inner circle. The inner circle is the deep down part of your and everything’s life cycle that we should we cherish the most shall a person or thing reaches death.

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But if you will be reborn once again and live then you never really die do you? Now, the place during and between birth life and death is the inner circle. What I mean by that is the memories that a person will carry’s with them as they go through life. Some of those are the same memories and feelings they will encounter in the next life after death. So know you know the real meaning of the inner circle