The Life of Adam Sandler

“Shampoo is better I go on first and clean the hair”, “no conditioner is better I leave the hair silky and smooth”. Adam Sandler was born on September 9th, 1966 in Brooklyn, New York to his parents, Stanley and Judy Sandler.

He wasn’t an amazing student, but he did love playing sports and watching professional wrestling. Throughout his childhood he found out how well he could play music, and his brother Scott pointed him into the direction of comedy. Adam Sandler is probably one of the greatest comedy actors alive right now, not only because he is funny, but also because he doesn’t have to work so hard to make people laugh, it just comes naturally for him. To start off Adam’s childhood he and his family moved to Manchester, New Hampshire. Throughout Adam’s time as a kid he learned that his favorite baseball team was the New York Yankees. His favorite bands were Van Halen, The Police, and Styx which he usually has play during his movies.

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Adam’s all time favorite television character was SpongeBob Square Pants, as a result making that his favorite television show ( When he was seventeen, he took his first steps at becoming a comedian by performing in different clubs, for example Boston Club. While Adam was in high school he made the varsity basketball team and usually has a hoop on the sets in his movies. Adam got accepted into New York University to study Fine Arts, and Drama ( When Adam became a senior in college he was asked to play to role of Smitty in the Cosby Show. This was probably the start of Adam’s acting career which leads to many other parts in movies and T.V. shows. Being chosen to do the Cosby Show opened up many doors for Adam and gave him a chance to prove himself.

In addition, during Adam’s life were the big rewards of working hard followed by a lot of success. Adam started him acting career opening it up with Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, The Wedding Singer, and much more ( Everyone knows him today because of his comedy and great personality. Adam was also involved in a lot of movies that box officed over $100 million for Hollywood (

In 2008 his film “You don’t mess with a Zohan”, became one of the first movies he ever produced. Later Adam was filmed in some remakes of movies like “The Longest Yard”, which gave the movies much more success than they had. To top off Adam’s career he was nominated by people for three Emmy Awards. What a great honor to be nominated by the people of America to win an award! During Adam Sandler’s career he had much success which gave him the opportunity to work with many different producers. He stared in many movies that are well known throughout the world today such as “Billy Madison and The Water Boy”. Sandler is well known by playing characters in movies that tend to have a bad temper because he makes the films entertaining to watch ( For example in the movie I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry he says,” religious, I’m Jewish; I don’t want to piss my mother off”. The world knows that he still has the touch of his comedy with all of the TV talk shows Sandler has been a guest for. Sandler is one of the leading stars in Hollywood nowadays. ( It is funny that Adam shows his support for Styx by having them play in most of the movies he is involved with. Adam Sandler also tends to have a basketball hoop in most films he plays in like “Billy Madison”. This is how America still can stay in touch with comedy, having Adam Sandler act in different movies. In Conclusion Adam Sandler is probably one of the greatest comedy actors alive right now, not only because he is funny, but also because he doesn’t have to work so hard to make people laugh, it just comes naturally for him.

Adam is very important to the entertainment part of society today. Without him the world would have missed out on a lot of true comedy that Adam has given us throughout the years. What can be taught about Adam’s life his that he had a passion to make people laugh so he did what he could to make his dreams come true. That passion gave the world some funny movies and a lot of good memories about him and what he is like. Adam Sandler today is still one of the funniest actors that you will ever see, he will never be forgotten about! Works Cited 1. Adam Sandler.

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