The Neolithic Age

A turning point is defined as a period in history when a significant change occurs. The first turning point in history was the Neolithic Revolution. The Neolithic Revolution was when people learned to plant crops and domesticate animals. The Paleolithic age was difficult.

There weren’t any permanent settlements. They were constantly traveling to find food. People were nomadic hunters and gatherers. In document one it says people depended less on plants and more on animals. Even though it was difficult people had the “flexibility of the mind to recognize inventions.”This means people can think and remember things.

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People invented the hand ax and bow and arrow, fire, communication, art. The Neolithic Revolution was the time when they learned how to grow crops and domesticate animals. In document three it says that the Neolithic Revolution started in 8,000 B.C. The people in the Neolithic Revolution started growing crops in the Middle East.

They settled in Jericho on the West Bank of Jordan River. In 7,000 B.C. they settled at the Catal Huyuk in Turkey. In 5,000 B.

C. the invention of the plow and use of fertilizer in agriculture came along. They started to use looms to weave clothes. Also the invention of the wheel for transporting people and goods came along. The impact of the Neolithic Revolution was positive.

In document four they had a steady supply of meat, milk, vegetables, and wool. People helped each other by caring for the animals, till the fields, and make weapons. In document five they learned that the seeds you drop on the ground grow. They preserve their food and invented new ways of cooking plant food. They figured out which animal was the slowest and the steadiest for field work.

Used fences and food to keep them where they wanted them to be. They breed animals to make them better and ate the bad ones. The Neolithic Revolution was also negative. The people lived in little towns that got diseases. When people lived to close together they got sick.

They cut trees down to plant crops that kills the environment and the oxygen in the air. The Neolithic Revolution changed the way we live today. It changed the way we live today because the people invented the wheel. If they did not invent the wheel there could possibly not be cars for transportation. They also invented the hand ax, art, communication, fire, and the bow and arrow. Without them we would not be living the way we are.

Not all people farmed in the Neolithic Revolution. Other people became traders, jewelry makers, merchants, and blacksmith. They even weaved their own clothes.