Gears are one of the greatest building blocks of today’s inventions. gears in history are right up next to the wheel. It gave us a maneuver and started a generation of non-stop evolving.

Gears provide us with a base and have been around for centuries. To start gears were thought to be invented by “Hero of Alexandria” (AD 50) but scientists say that the gear has been around for millenniums longer but they cannot determine the inventor. It was originally believed to be greek mechanics. Though gears can be traced back to 27th Century China (BC) with the south pointing chariot. The south pointing chariot would act as a compass so when they would take long trips they always had some sense of direction. They would even you animal fat to grease the gears so they would turn smoothly.

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Awhile after the recognition of the gear came, but after there wasn’t hardly any development in that area until the 17th Century. When the 17th century hit with it brought more in depth compasses, and also clocks. Clocks started a revolution of organization. People started telling time with numbers and analog clocks became an important part of everyone’s lifestyle. But gears continue to be an essential to hundreds of modern day inventions.

Gear are a necessity but how do they work? Well It starts with a pivoted wheel with something on it called teeth. The teeth meet with another gear and push against each other with a power source of some kind whether it be pushing or like a battery. Today gears continue to influence tons of inventions they are the building blocks that people depend on and maintain a dependable reputation.