The Next Step

The nagging voice in the back of any teenager’s mind whispers, “So, what are you going to do after graduation?” There comes a time in a teenager’s life when he begins to think about his future and career goals. The burning question of what he is going to do with his life after college might turn into his main adversary that will keep him up at night.

An adolescent may need help figuring out what it is he wants to call his career. Unquestionably, parents are responsible for assuring that their children choose the correct and advantageous path for the future. The common suggestion is that teenagers enroll in college after high school graduation. Grandparents, always the raconteurs, reminisce about their high school days and how they wish they had gone to college. Teachers and parents serve as advocates for a college education and are constantly encouraging teenagers to apply for college. Diligent parents are continuously telling their children, “Make something out of your life and make someone out of you.

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Do not be a charlatan and lie to yourself believing not going to college is the ideal choice for your future.” However, teenage skeptics then debate if the skyrocketing college tuition is worth it. They believe going to college will transform them into ascetic people who will have to sacrifice their personal freedom to dedicate a vast amount of their time to studying. A teenager’s hedonistic attitude, which prompts him to seek fun and thrilling adventures, will influence his decision to disregard the morose college life.Then again, a teenager thinks he will be seen as a pariah if all of his friends attend college and he does not. He will inopportunely regret not having taken the opportunity to pursue a finer education.

He could have gone to college and mastered how to become a musical virtuoso, a talented artisan, or a skilled orator. Instead, many adolescents choose the easy way out in life.