The Night Crew

What do you think of when you think of a community? Well I can tell you that one thing that comes to my mind is my work community. You may wonder how I consider work to be a community. There are a few certain people that work with me that I consider a community. These people that I work with all have certain characteristics that make them special and fit into a community. How can these people’s characteristics make a community when they are just people you work with? At work there is a night crew that I consider my work family.

My work family consists of David, Melissa, Gerry, Tristan, Garrett, and Clarence. As in Howards piece all these people play a certain role in being part of our community. David is the chief of this community because he always makes sure things are getting done as they are supposed to be. He is also making sure other people are getting their work done and just keep everybody in line. Melissa is the hospitable one in our work community. She is always in a good mood and is always there to talk to anybody about whatever they need.

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I know that is I ever need to talk to somebody about something she’s the one. She’s always making my day better and I consider her my work bestfriend. Gerry has devotion for getting his work done, but he also talks with everyone to see how their day is going. Gerry is one that makes sure his work is done before he does anything else and will help other people get their work done if it’s needed. Tristan is the one that honors his elders and makes sure he does what needs to be done. If somebody tells him to do something he makes sure he does it because it’s the right thing to do.

He sometimes even listens to me when I ask him to do something. Instead of arguing about it or telling me he’s not going to do it he just does it. Garrett is the flamboyant eccentric one. He is the one that is always hyper and is a little crazy at times. You never know what he is going to do next or even what he will say sometimes.

Now Clarence has posterity and is the sweet quiet older man. He is one to get his work done, but likes to keep to himself during work. Can these people be a community when they’re just people you work with? They definitely can be a community. “Ascribed friends are those we happen to go to school with, work with, or live near” (Howard). These 6 people I work with at night are not only people I work with they have taken me under their wings and have helped me. Every single one has made a different impact on my life even though I’ve only been working there for about 2 months.

They are not only helping me, but they are helping everybody that they can. They are not only good at their job, but good at helping everybody that comes in. We all have certain skills that are needed to help the customers that come in. Everybody is better at doing something like when people come in and I don’t know how to help them with something I can have somebody else who knows more about that help them. “The best- chosen clans, like the friendships and the best blood families, endure by accumulating a history solid enough to suggest a future” (Howard). We have already made so many memories as a work community that our bonds are getting stronger and we will continue to make more memories with stronger bonds.

A history between all of us have been started and now it can not be erased. These are the people that have made work a community for me. They are the ones that I have built memories with and will continue to make memories with because that’s what families do. Each one of our characteristics bring us together and put us together to be a family and have everything work out the right way. If we didn’t have the characteristics to make us all fit together into the community it would be a train wreck and things would not work out nice and easy like they do.